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Finish Line – 31 DoBA – Day 31

I’ve delayed writing this post because some technical difficulties have prevented me from announcing one of the projects I’ve been working on.  Stay tuned for more info on that.

When I started the 31 Days of Blog Awesomeness I didn’t think much of it.  I just figured I’d answer some questions people ask me all the time anyway and share some of my thoughts on motivation, goals and success.  It’s been a great journey.  At the end of this post I’ll put a link to a summary of all of the 31 Days as a reference.

I ran Cross Country in high school.  I wasn’t a terribly gifted runner but I was never the slowest on the team either (if you include the girls).  I did Cross Country for two reasons.  1. My older sister ran and since it was the first sport of the season when I entered high school I figured it would be easier to get a ride home with her so I may as well run too. 2. It was a way to get in shape and lose weight for wrestling.  Distance running has a lot of opportunity for life metaphors.  Let’s explore a few.

Incremental Goals

One of my coaches taught us that although every race was 3 miles and ended with a finish line it was important to focus on visible goals.  Run hard to the farthest tree, then run hard to the light pole, then run hard to the turn, etc.  This works for life too.  Who doesn’t want to be rich and have millions in the bank.  Sometimes it’s good to set your mind on $100, then save hard to $1,000, then save hard to $5,000…


Some courses had a lot of turns and so we were taught to look forward and pick the most direct route through the turns thereby needing to run a lesser distance and conserve energy.  I think about how we were taught to ‘apex the turns’ whenever there seem to be a series of obstacles that need to be overcome.  Look forward through them all and chart the most direct route.


We all know our bodies need water to function and in running that means avoiding cramps and having better endurance.  In life staying hydrated means remembering to take in the things that feed our soul.  We have to keep ourselves emotionally hydrated so that when a tough hill comes along we have the stamina to reach the summit.

Never Look Back

My most memorable race was run on a rainy day in the middle of nowhere complete with enough mud to last a lifetime.  I got a decent start and after some bumping and elbowing (in self defense of course) I found myself at the front of the pack.  I ran hard, but never looked back.  I could hear the footsteps of somebody right behind me.  From the sound of it they couldn’t have been more than a couple strides behind me.  It pushed me harder and I ran my best race that day.  When I reached the finish line and finally looked back I was surprised to see nobody remotely close.  I had been hearing the sound of my own feet echoing off the walls of the desert hills.  When we know our goal, we’re well hydrated and things are working out there’s no need to look back.  Push forward.  Stay focused.  Win the race.

Pace Yourself

In one of my first distance races in middle school I laid back a bit too much and when it came time to surge I had plenty of energy but not enough time to catch up to the leader.  I lost the race only by a few strides but I hadn’t even given it my all.  I learned that day that you’ve got to pace yourself just right and avoid going out too hot and burning out or too cold and falling behind.

Sprint to the Finish

If you reach the finish line and you’ve got more left in you then you didn’t do your best.  Once you see the finish line in sight it’s time to muster up all you have left and sprint to the finish.  I’m always surprised at how often good projects get abandoned so close to completion.  If you’ve paced yourself right you should have just enough energy left in you to let lose and finish.


After my great win where I never looked back I got a bit cocky and went out hot in a race with a lot more runners.  I forgot the pacing lesson, or at least learned the other half of it, and after leading for the first half of the race I got winded and fell behind.  As each runner passed me and I fell farther behind I got more and more discouraged and wanted to quit.  My bruised pride fought back and told me to finish.  I pushed through to the finish and still placed well.  You may not always be first, but if it’s a project worth finishing it’s your duty to get it over the finish line.

Know When to Quit

By my Senior year of high school I had decided I no longer wanted to run.  I wasn’t dedicated enough for it to be a successful year for me.  Instead I organized an official  Men’s Volleyball club for the school and made new friends and great memories.  Sometimes it’s time to quit a project.  Be strong enough to know when you’re not committed to the success or that the project is no longer viable and be willing to quit.  If you chose to quit you must do it because it is right, not because you are tired or lazy or some other lame excuse.  To repeat the above line if the project is worth finishing it’s your duty to get it over the finish line.  If it’s not worth it anymore, quit now before you waste any more time on it.

There you have it.  The end of the 31 Days of Blog Awesomeness.  Here’s a link to the summary of posts.

I’m not done with this blog, but I’m done posting every day for a while.

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Working From Home – Difficulty #1

I’ve been working from home recently.  Usually I have work stuff out of the house at least a few times per week but I’ve been staying close recently since my wife is nearly 9 months pregnant with our fourth child.  People often ask if working from home ‘works’.  Usually it does.  I can close the office door when needed and have been getting a lot done.  The real problem is the proximity to food.

I’m sure I’ve put on some sympathy weight this pregnancy!  I’m going to have to start using that gym membership soon.  I wonder if I can find the card.

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Just like 15 years ago…

As a boy my Father took me camping and hiking as often as he could. Because of my frequent exposure to the great outdoors I grew a deep connection with being on ‘the mountain’ as we tend to call it. Sometime around the age of14 or 15 my school activities and friends started consuming most of my weekends and the frequency of trips with my Father dropped of considerably. This morning we had a reunion of sorts as we hiked Mt. Baden-Powell just outside of Wrightwood. We hit the trail as early as I could muster the strength to arise, around 5:30am and caught a fantastic sunrise over Mt. San Antonio. The trail was a nice 4 mile ascent and I seem to be paying for my youthful strides. It was great to chat with my Dad as we climbed. I’ve missed hiking with my Pops.


Disneyland 5k – I’m practically a runner now

A little while ago I mentioned that my wife signed me up for a 5k at Disneyland. It’s been about 9 years since I’ve ran for more than a mile, so I started training. And then we went on vacation, and then I had a week long of 6am meetings, and then I got sick. The longest I’d ran was for about 15 minutes and I didn’t think I’d be done with the 3.2 miles in that amount of time.
Here is my hot wife and I right before the run.
The run was fun. The course went through the Disneyland Park and California Adventure. There were characters along the entire way cheering on all of the runners. My wife took lots of pics to show the kids, I was too busy trying not to burst a lung.

We made it. I didn’t die, but I think I need to keep running so it doesn’t hurt so badly next time.

Edit: Here is the course map for the Disneyland 5k. I couldn’t find it online so I had to scan it.
It was a fun run to be a part of, especially since we had friends and family along with us. We’ll see how we do training for the next 52 weeks.

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Back in the day I used to be a runner

But it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been able to run a 4:47 mile like I did in College. My hot wife made me do a little run with her while we were in Capitola this past weekend and apparently she thought I did OK so she signed us up for the Disneyland 5k on August 30th. I’m going to have to do a little training, since I don’t want to be too embarrassed by my time having been a runner in High School.
I stepped on the scale on the 4th of July when we had to take our kids to the Dr. and I was down to 178lbs. I was amazed. I had been up to about 215lbs less than a year prior and although we did start eating better I think we pinpointed the weight busting source… a bigger house with 3 active kids. We’re chasing our kids around up and down stairs, around the house and yard and even jumping on the trampoline. Combine all of those extra calories burned with consuming fewer calories and you get a Tyler that is 37 pounds lighter.

Tanya told me while we were running that she didn’t really notice how fat I had gotten before, but now that I’ve thinned up a bit she likes it. One of my co-workers even complimented me today (thanks for making my day April).

So, I guess I’m getting back into running thanks to my wife. I have to admit I’m looking forward to getting back into shape.

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How I lost 25 pounds

The way I lost the last 25 pounds, in reverse order.

3.  Get really sick so you can’t eat for a week.
2.  Enjoy a lot of anxiety in a changing real estate market.
1.  Eat This Not That

Tanya and I really started trying to eat better.  We didn’t really eat horribly before, but we made some small changes.  At dinner Tanya would make the lower fat or lower calorie versions of the meals, and 90% of the time they actually tasted just as good or better.  If we have to eat out we don’t order french fries, even the kids want the fruit cups at Chick-Fil-A.  I stopped eating a bag of tortilla chips with cheese dip every week.  I had no idea how bad those were.  Tonight I had carrot sticks with fat free blue cheese dressing and a few slices of cheddar cheese on low sodium saltines.  It’s not very scientific, and I am no nutritionist, but it’s been working for Tanya and me.

Recently I found this great site and have loved the blog posts from the author of the book ‘Eat This, Not That’.  Here’s a link to the most recent post, and a brief excerpt.  In this post he gives 7 great snack foods.  #6 was the one that destroyed my favorite on the go breakfast.

6. When You Need to Wake Up and Go…

Eat This:
Eggs and Whole-Wheat Toast
Eggs are a great source of protein, and having them for breakfast sets you up for a perfect day of eating. Saint Louis University researchers found that people who eat eggs for breakfast consume 264 fewer calories the rest of the day than those who eat bagels and cream cheese.

Not That!
Bagel and Cream Cheese
At 500 calories and 20 grams of fat, this deli disaster is one of the worst ways to start your day. Sixty grams of fast-burning carbohydrates will cause a dip in energy and a spike in hunger, long before lunchtime. The same goes for croissants, danish, donuts, and pancakes.

I have never been too big of a donut fan, but I love Bagels and Cream Cheese.  I always got the low fat Cream Cheese so I thought it was pretty healthy.  Most bagel store bagels are at least 250 calories plain… so it’s just not a good start.  Tanya recently made eggs for breakfast for the kids and they loved it, so I think we’ll have to start doing that more.  Whole Wheat English Muffins are REALLY good tasting too… maybe I’ll go get some for breakfast tomorrow.

Now that I’ve lost a bit of weight I need to get into shape.  As the world will see on July 29th, I am VERY out of shape.  I am preparing for the mocking.

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